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Guidelines for appropriate recognition of SRLs and SRL staff scientists

Laura Ferrer-Font, Alfonso Schmidt, Franca Ronchese, Kylie M. Price. A Guideline for the Appropriate Recognition of Shared Resource Laboratories in Publication. Cytometry Part A. 2022. 

The SRL should be acknowledged in all publications resulting from the use of instruments within the SRL. Example language: “the authors gratefully acknowledge the [SRL name]  for their support and assistance with this work”. If SRL staff scientist acknowledgement or authorship is granted, the SRL still needs to be acknowledged, one does not replace the other.


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Note: Performing any one of the above criteria should be sufficient for either acknowledgement or authorship. All authors must get the chance to review and revise drafts, have final approval of the version to be published and agree to be accountable for all aspects of their contribution.  

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